Brose India shows how to knock off 2kg from a car

by Nilesh Wadhwa 27 Feb 2020

Cleaner vehicle emissions and lightweighting are the in-demand technologies in the automotive world and every OEM and supplier is looking to make gains on this front. Now mechatronics supplier Brose India is gearing up to assist the passenger vehicle market slash significant weight.

The German Tier 1 supplier’s Indian arm, which opened a brand-new integrated facility at Hinjewadi, Pune on February 26, showcased its varied range of products and extensive capabilities. In fact, one of the most interesting displays from Brose India can help passenger vehicle OEMs slash 2kg for each car without compromising on safety, quality or comfort.

Brose India says its compact door module integrates different individual components like window regulator, wiring harness and latch assembly extra on a single-carrier plate and can reduce weight significantly compared to integrating each component separately by the vehicle manufacturer. The company is already supplying this compact door module to FCA India for the Jeep Compass model.