IKEA to use Fuso eCanter LCVs in Japan

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 11 Mar 2021

Daimler Trucks’ Japan-based subsidiary Fuso, one of Asia’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, has delivered three all-electric Fuso eCanter light-duty trucks to IKEA Japan, the Japanese subsidiary of Swedish home furnishing company IKEA.

IKEA Japan is the first home furnishing company to receive delivery of the eCanter. IKEA Japan operates two of the three vehicles and one is owned by SG Moving Co, which is a logistics partner of IKEA Japan. In Germany, a further three Fuso eCantersoperated by Rhenus Group are used for furniture home delivery for IKEA in Berlin since 2017.

IKEA has set a target of absolutely reducing energy-related greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2030. The company also established a target to use a fleet of 100% electric vehicles for its transportation by 2025. As its first step toward sustainable transportation, IKEA Japan introduced the locally emission-free eCanter trucks into its home furnishing delivery fleet. One of the three vehicles is used for the delivery of products between the IKEA Kohoku and IKEA Harajuku stores, while the two others are used to deliver home furnishing items directly to customers’ homes.

With a range of 100 kilometres, the 7.49-tonne LCV meets the inner-city short-range distribution requirements of its customers. The eCanter used for deliveries between IKEA Kohoku and IKEA Harajuku is driven for an average of 50km per day with one return trip between the stores. Meanwhile in cases where it starts operating early in the morning and does two return trips between the stores, the distance traveled exceeds 100km, proving that it can operate within its full driving range.

Over 60 all-electric Fuso eCantear light-duty trucks are already running in Japan and more than 200 eCanter in daily customer operations worldwide.

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