Econovus Packaging's Ramesh Prasad: ‘We are in talks with OEMs for tech-based returnable packaging.'

by Nilesh Wadhwa 20 Apr 2021

Pune-based packaging engineering company facilitates reduction in carbon footprint for the automotive industry through clever and green packaging solutions. Econovus Packaging is working with manufacturers and suppliers to enable up to 93 percent reduction in their carbon footprint in the overall packaging process.

What are the various products and business models you offer for the automotive industry?
Expendable packaging especially for export, returnable packaging-rental model for domestic clients, design and engineering services and onsite services.Other business models we provide is one-stop packaging solutions and complete management of CKD operations at the customer’s site.

Who are your key automotive clients in India?
Mahindra & Mahindra, Kubota JLR and Tier-1, GM Tier-1, Stellantis Tier-1, Vinfast Tier-1. We are also closely working with other automotive MNCs.

What volumes does Econovus Packaging typically do in a month?
Currently we are doing $0.2 million (Rs 1.5 crore) per month and have a robust plan for expansion and consolidating revenue growth in coming months.

What is the average amount of goods impacted during transit in the automotive industry?
Honestly, I don’t have the data to be backed up but based on experience and interfacing with various automotive companies and logistics companies, it is around 0.5 percent for export and approximately 2-3 percent for domestic transit impacted in the automotive industry.

What are the new products / services you are looking to offer?
All our new offerings will remain be in line with our product strategies — sustainable, innovative and cost effective. Palletless packaging, which is 100 percent eco-friendly for complete replacement of wood, is the product we will be working closely with customers as a part of co-design and co-innovate approach. This product we would be working extensively for export packaging. Technology-based returnable packaging and management of CKD operations for customers are our two services which we are discussing with automotive OEMs.

This interview was first published in Autocar Professional's April 1, 2021 issue.

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