Maruti and Honda set to put hybrid cars into production in India
by Shapur Kotwal, Autocar India 11 Mar 2018

Maruti Suzuki India and Honda Cars India are both working hard to bring locally assembled hybrids here. Prices could be in line with diesel versions.

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In last six years the median of all-electric vehicles has nearly doubled from the prevailing range in 2011.

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Toshiba's new SCiBTM battery delivers 320km range with just six-minutes of charging time, promises new-generation of EVs to benefit from the developme...

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Suzuki to make electric and hybrid cars in India for export
by Nilesh Wadhwa, Sumantra B Barooah & Ajit Dalvi  14 Sep 2017

Along with fresh investment of Rs 3,800 crore in its Gujarat plant, SMC, Toshiba and Denso are to manufacture lithium ion batteries that will power hy...

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Maruti Suzuki targeting 2.5m sales by 2022-23
by Sumantra B Barooah  08 Sep 2017

The company is considering setting up a fourth assembly at the Gujarat plant, which will hike production capacity to a million units, and cumulative n...

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Bullish on India's future vehicle electrification programme, the three Japanese companies are set to begin manufacturing lithium-ion battery packs lat...

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