New safety drive targets zero crash fatalities on Mumbai-Pune Expressway by 2020
by Autocar Pro News Desk , 20 Dec 2016

‘Safety Under 80’ initiative, which talks about the dangers of speeding, aims to reduce the number of road crash fatalities on the Expressway from an annual average of 130 to ...

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national highway

NHAI suffers a Rs 1,200 crore loss of toll collection following the demonetisation exercise.

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The strategy includes effective road engineering solutions at the design stage, rectification of accident black spots, improvement in automobile engin...

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IBMS is the largest platform in the world owned by a single owner, with a database that could exceed 150,000 bridge structures.

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Another Rs 60,000 crore sanctioned for Delhi-Amritsar-Katra expressway, reducing the distance by 117 km, which at present is 732 km.

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The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, approved the development of 1120 km of National Highways in th...

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The duration of the research project is three years and NHAI has paid Rs 1.25 crore for the project, excluding cost of construction of trial pavement ...

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Around 75 operational NH projects completed under public funding have been preliminarily identified for potential monetisation using the TOT Model.

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The government has allocated a total Gross Budgetary Support (GBS) of Rs 46,834 crore including cess and toll remittance for 2016-17 for the Ministry ...

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The contract for the 120 km stretch is awarded to Gujarat-based Dineshchandra R Agrawal Infracon under phase IV of National Highways Development Proje...

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CRCC expressed keen interest in participating in the upcoming projects of NHAI under both Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) and Hybrid A...

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Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways and Shipping Nitin Gadkari launches initial plantation drive on 1,500km of National Highways under Green H...

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With the government pressing the accelerator on national highway projects, there is a surge in demand for tippers across the country.

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