Samsung: how it plans to develop world-leading autonomous car tech
by James Attwood, Autocar UK 14 May 2018

The world's biggest smartphone maker has invested more than half a billion US dollars in self-driving technology. Here's why

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Kia aiming to have autonomous cars in cities by 2021
by James Attwood, Autocar UK  09 Jan 2018

Korean brand outlines new strategy with focus on self-driving cars and major expansion of electrified offerings.

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The conference will set the tone on what entrepreneurs and dealership networks will need to do to keep pace with the rapid evolution of the automotive...

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The annual R&D and Testing Special packs a mean punch across a host of riveting features, crisp interviews and data-filled sales analyses.

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The UNO Minda Group's Amit Jain on the areas of focus, home-grown technologies, shared mobility and impact of electrification on all of the multi-prod...

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Range Rover Sport is Level 4 autonomy capable, meaning it can drive itself but must have a human behind the wheel.

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Visteon Corp's president and CEO on the speedy digitisation of the vehicle cockpit, autonomous driving tech, bringing artificial intelligence into car...

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Company boss sets 2025 target to achieve 'mind off' autonomy where passengers are able to sleep behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

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While Scania has been awarded the contract for a pilot project in Singapore, an MoU has been signed between MAN and logistics group DB Schenker for a ...

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Chris Lattner joins all-electric car maker as vice president of Autopilot software; he leaves Apple after 11 years.

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But technology firm reserves right to use its self-developed software and hardware on its own automotive products too.

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The new highly automated driving platform accelerates the path to mass production for Tier 1s and OEMs.

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Study of 1,000 UK motorists reveals that drivers are hopeful that advances being made can overcome their own failings – like checking emails and socia...

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Audi and Nvidia to introduce AI car by 2020
by Rachel Burgess, Autocar UK  05 Jan 2017

Audi is partnering with American technology company Nvidia in its bid to lead the autonomous revolution.

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The Stuttgart regional council has granted Mercedes-Benz permission to test the next generation of autonomous vehicles on public roads.

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Faraday Future (FF) has revealed FF 91 (‘nine one’), its first production vehicle, at an event prior to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 which...

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The announcement marks the first time a leading premium car maker has joined forces with a Tier 1 supplier to develop new advanced driver assist syste...

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The BMW Group is combining its development expertise in vehicle connectivity and automated driving at a new campus in Unterschleissheim near Munich.

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The RAC Intellibus was purchased by the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia (RAC WA) for AU$296,000 (Rs 1.45 crore) from French company Navya, ...

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Engineers from Waymo will investigate integrating autonomous driving software and hardware into Honda vehicles

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FCA supplies 100 autonomous cars to Google Waymo
by Sam Sheehan, Autocar UK  20 Dec 2016

FCA supplies Google's Waymo car brand with 100 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid MPVs to test autonomous technology; the new cars will more than double Google'...

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GM also announced it will produce the next generation of its autonomous test vehicles at its Orion Township assembly plant beginning in early 2017.

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Fraunhofer Institute researches the future of delivery logistics for major towns | Transport robots to deliver 400 million parcels annually in Germany...

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The move, confirmed by Waymo’s boss John Krafcik, demonstrates Google’s advanced development of autonomous technology, despite previous reports allegi...

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Google Waymo self-driving car company announced
by Jimi Beckwith, Autocar UK  15 Dec 2016

The Google autonomous car project has transformed into its own company, named Waymo, which aims to bring self-driving vehicles to the fore

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Ride-sharing company Uber is expanding its self-driving pilot to San Francisco, California, using specially-converted self-driving Volvo XC90 premium ...

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Michigan approves autonomous car testing without steering wheel
by Alisdair Suttie, Autocar UK  14 Dec 2016

The US state of Michigan now allows the testing of autonomous vehicles with no steering wheel on public roads.

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The Intelligent Vehicle Towing system uses a modified Nissan Leaf to autonomously tow trollies carrying finished vehicles between designated loading a...

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After previously being blocked by authorities in the US, has made its autonomous driving kit available on the internet for free download.

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Using autonomous electric cars in an underground road network could drastically reduce congestion in global cities.

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Europe’s most comprehensive autonomous drive review of consumer attitudes and government policy reveals economic and social opportunities of new car t...

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Having established its self-driving car projects in the US, Ford has confirmed that it will set up a similar research programme in Europe next year.

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The program, called ADAS&ME, involves 30 partners from 11 different countries and is led by Sweden's National Road and Transport Research Institute (V...

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Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson thinks his company is well placed to mount a charge at the changing car market.

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Cars of the future will need to collect a basis set of data so insurers can determine who was in control of the vehicle at the time – the driver or th...

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The purpose of the partnership is to research the potential uses of artificial intelligence in future applications such as automated driving

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Hyundai’s LA motor show concept uses affordable driverless tech that could feature on low-cost models.

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Why autonomy won't kill off driving as we know it
by Matt Prior, Autocar UK  12 Nov 2016

Autonomous cars make sense on busy motorways, but our love of driving will prevent the end of it as we know.

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Second-generation ADAS view solution kit with up to eight cameras realises next-gen electronic mirrors, driver monitoring and surround view systems al...

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Machine learning is a type of computerised artificial intelligence (AI) that allows the interpretation of large amounts of data, on a scale far in adv...

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The Tata Motors-owned Jaguar Land Rover has partnered with its former parent company, Ford, to develop autonomous and connected car technologies.

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All cars being produced now have the hardware needed for a fully autonomous mode, but the software required to utilise it won’t arrive until 2017.

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The highly automated driving solution kit delivers high computing performance targeted at automotive functional safety to reduce development time of E...

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The two German suppliers develop an innovative holographic lighting with 3D effects and a jointless, aerodynamic design for EVs.

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Apple no longer building its own car
by Jimi Beckwith, Autocar UK  18 Oct 2016

Apple’s tumultuous Project Titan no longer has the objective of making its own car.

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During his keynote, Ghosn will provide insights on how Nissan Intelligent Mobility is enabling the company to realise its vision of the future. He wil...

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UK drivers express concerns over autonomous driving
by Julian Rendall, Autocar UK  13 Oct 2016

Despite government efforts to turn the UK into a hub for driverless car development, the British public is uncomfortable with them on the roads.

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Autocar Professional’s round table on ‘Building Capabilities for Connected Vehicles in India’ sees heads of four leading companies discuss and debate ...

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UK driverless pod trial is first in public space
by Jimi Beckwith, Autocar UK  12 Oct 2016

A UK firm has started a trial of 40 driverless pods in pedestrianised areas of Milton Keynes.

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Following the acquisition of start-up autonomous driving company, Otto, Uber plans to shake up the US$ 700 billion road freight industry with self-dri...

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California gives the green signal for driverless car testing
by Jimi Beckwith, Autocar UK  03 Oct 2016

The state of California has made it legal for carmakers to test fully autonomous cars in select locations.

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Updated: Apple talks with McLaren 'have stalled'
by Sam Sheehan, Autocar UK  22 Sep 2016

Apple was in talks with McLaren about investing in the firm, but discussions have now ceased.

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Swedish firm Semcon has developed a smiling concept car to help reassure pedestrians that it’s safe to cross the road.

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The autonomous car that smiles at pedestrians
by Phill Tromans, Autocar UK  16 Sep 2016

Swedish firm Semcon has developed a smiling concept car to help reassure pedestrians that it’s safe to cross the road.

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Mobileye, which worked on Autopilot function, has cut ties with Tesla and criticised the American car maker in the wake of fatal crashes.

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Automakers can use NVIDIA's palm-sized, energy-efficient artificial intelligence computer to power automated and autonomous vehicles for driving and m...

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Musk has announced an over-the-air update which will be implemented in existing vehicles with radar over the next fortnight.

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This morning Volvo Cars produced the very first autonomous car that will be used in the Drive Me project in Gothenburg.

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CEO Elon Musk has announced an updated self-driving system for Tesla models will come as part of over-the-air software updates.

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Is the Google Car in trouble?
by Hilton Holloway, Autocar UK  30 Aug 2016

Strict laws in the US have forced Google to rethink how it develops autonomous car technology in the future.

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Singapore residents will be invited to use nuTonomy’s ride-hailing app to book a no-cost ride in a nuTonomy self-driving car in a Renault Zoe or Mitsu...

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nuTonomy launched the first-ever public trial of a robo-taxi service.

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Ford will make a fully autonomous car without a steering wheel or pedals; it is currently testing in US cities.

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An anthropologist is playing a key role in developing Nissan’s next generation autonomous vehicle, analysing human driving interactions to ensure that...

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Artificial intelligence decision-making programming is judged by the public in a new study from a US university.

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Whom should an autonomous car save in a crash?
by Jimi Beckwith, Autocar UK  10 Aug 2016

Artificial intelligence decision-making programming is judged by the public in a new study from a US university.

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Open track testing event for autonomous car development will take place at Bruntingthorpe this November.

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Advanced new technology by scientists at University of Warwick will test for security weaknesses in connected and autonomous cars.

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Maarten Sierhuis, former NASA researcher, now focuses his efforts on the artificial intelligence that's helping power the future of Nissan's autonomou...

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Daimler shows its autonomous city bus is ideal for separate bus lines. Undertakes 20-kilometre journey on Europe’s longest bus rapid transit line in ...

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Daimler shows its autonomous city bus is ideal for separate bus lines. Undertakes 20-kilometre journey on Europe’s longest bus rapid transit line in ...

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A fleet of connected and autonomous research vehicles will take to the roads around Coventry and Solihull later this year.

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BMW to bring fully autonomous car to market in 2021
by Jimi Beckwith, Autocar UK  04 Jul 2016

BMW is teaming up with Intel and Mobileye to introduce its first fully self-driving car in 2021 under its i sub-brand.

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The world’s largest car industry wants to fast forward new tech developments while strengthening its fundamentals to grow in a challenging environm...

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The EV is equipped with some of the world’s most advanced vehicle technology, including IBM Watson Internet of Things, to improve the passenger experi...

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Autonomous vehicles sales will reach 21 million by 2035: IHS
by Phill Tromans, Autocar UK  10 Jun 2016

Industry analysts IHS predict burgeoning growth in the sale of autonomous cars, with the US and China expected to lead the way.

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BMW shifts focus to autonomous tech with Project i Next
by Sam Sheehan, Autocar UK  06 Jun 2016

The programme has now become the core focus of BMW’s i brand and reports suggest that projects for electric drivetrain development have been scaled ba...

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Japanese carmakers Nissan, Toyota and Honda are each showcasing their latest advances in autonomous driving technology at the 42nd G7 (Group of Seven)...

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The new findings, from a new survey of 1,000 motorists, were revealed as the UK government made the development of 'autonomous vehicles' a key part of...

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Technology uses adhesive layer on bonnet to bind to impacted pedestrians, preventing them from being flung back onto the road.

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Audi A7 piloted driving concept nicknamed ‘Jack’ has not only learned how to autonomously perform all of its driving manoeuvres on the expressway but ...

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Google expands self-driving test program with the all-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivan.

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The global motor insurance industry faces will see radical restructuring due to the advent of autonomously driving cars, with the number of crashes se...

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One in four drivers would sleep in self-driving car
by Jimi Beckwith, Autocar UK  03 May 2016

Watching TV and internet browsing also rated highly among the list of things to do while the car is driving, according to a recent study by What Car? ...

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Ford, Google and Uber join forces to drive autonomous agenda
by Nacho Salvador Gualda, Autocar UK  29 Apr 2016

The lobby group wants to speed up the development of self-driving technology.

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Volvo's autonomous driving programme heads to UK
by Sam Sheehan, Autocar UK  27 Apr 2016

Members of the public will get to use self-driving XC90s; while the data will be applied to future models.

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At the Beijing Motor Show, Nissan today unveiled the all-new Tiida and announced the launch of Maxima along with the premier of IDS Concept in China.

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The 28 EU Member States met at the EU Council of Ministers meeting in Amsterdam, Netherlands yesterday to discuss the legal and technical standardisat...

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Renault-Nissan Alliance CEO Carlos Ghosn says three forces – electrification, Autonomous Drive and connectivity – are about to change the auto industr...

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As smartphones get more sophisticated, watches connect us to the world and our homes grow more automated, cars will advance in ways customers cannot i...

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Honda and SenseTime to jointly work on artificial intelligence technologies, combining movement object recognition technology with AI algorithms for s...

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