Road map for safer vehicles 2030
by David Ward, President and CEO, Global NCAP 13 Jan 2020

2020 will be a very significant year for global road safety and a great opportunity for India to demonstrate its growing leadership, especially in vehicle safety.

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The electrics are coming (and they’re not all created equal)
by Henrik Fisker, Chairman and CEO, Fisker Inc  06 Jan 2020


Newly launched Fisker Flexee mobility app allows people to get into a flexible lease for a luxury EV without any long-term commitment.

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Rama Shankar Pandey explains a multidisciplinary approach to traffic planning and road design to integrate safety, orderliness and discipline in India...

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Powering hydrogen mobility for India
by Dr Chaitanya Giri  26 Dec 2019

Dr Chaitanya Giri, Space and Oceans Studies Fellow at Gateway House explains how Hydrogen, the most abundant fuel in the universe, is most relevant to...

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Ashok Belani Group President and managing director of Valeo India and a member of the board for all Valeo entities in India introduces a number of sen...

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A car industry Christmas carol
by Dr Andy Palmer, President & CEO, Aston Martin  24 Dec 2019

Dr Andy Palmer, President and Group CEO, Aston Martin Lagonda, looks at the auto journey so far and the road ahead with the help of Charles Dickens’ f...

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Is the Tesla Cybertruck too extreme, too radical?
by James Attwood, Autocar UK  22 Nov 2019


The EV firm's new pick-up is its boldest design yet - but it arguably didn't need to be so radical to succeed

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The advent of digital technologies and the disruptive impact it has made on the transportation industry.

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Making a case for CASE mobility in India
by Ashim Sharma, NRI Consulting & Solutions  08 Oct 2019

​The mobility landscape with the introduction of CASE - Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric – technologies and what is its current status in t...

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World’s biggest democracy needs to nudge its road users with the new B...
by Rama Shankar Pandey, MD, Hella India Lighting  03 Sep 2019

The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2019, with its many strictures and penalties, comes into force simply because of a large number of citizens’ poor ...

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An Intelligent Transport System, which has proved its mettle in many developed countries, will make commuting a happier and safer experience.

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The depressed market conditions will continue unless the government comes up with a growth stimulus and clear roadmap on cleaner fuels and e-mobility.

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Transforming the automotive aftermarket through connectivity
by Jeff Kavanaugh, Infosys Knowledge Institute  06 Aug 2019

Jeff Kavanaugh, Vice- President and Executive Editor at the Infosys Knowledge Institute has a viewpoint on connectivity-based features from hundreds ...

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Bike Sharing - solution for First and last mile connectivity woes
by Anand, Karthicknathan and Aditya  17 Jun 2019

Once the advantages, safety and regulatory needs are addressed, then the bikes could become the focal point of any shared mobility solution.

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Adopting an electric lifestyle benefits the environment
by Jeetender Sharma, founder and MD, Okinawa Autotech  05 Jun 2019

Jeetender Sharma, founder and MD, Okinawa Autotech, which makes electric two-wheelers,

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Ensuring electric commercial vehicles are cost-effective
by Mike Savage, Drive System Design  08 May 2019

Mike Savage, chief engineer, Drive System Design (DSD) discusses the measures that can be taken to implement the electric powertrains in Indian commer...

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Along with tech and norms, India needs a safety culture too
by Rama Shankar Pandey, Hella India  06 May 2019

With so many regulations coming every year, why is it that we haven’t yet been able to reduce the number of fatalities on Indian roads? Who is respons...

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Building a market for safer vehicles in India
by David Ward, GNCAP  06 May 2019

Anti-lock brakes (ABS) for motorcycles over 125cc, ABS, airbags, speed alert, seatbelt reminders and front and side crash tests for all new cars has p...

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Getting a fix on BS VI
by K K Gandhi  16 Apr 2019

It is important to understand that unlike the developed world where all policies are predominantly driven by passenger cars, in India we must look dif...

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Vehicular emissions: Opportunities and challenges ahead
by ​Anup Bandivadekar, ICCT  13 Apr 2019

​Anup Bandivadekar, Program Director / Regional Lead, International Council on Clean Transportation on why some EV production mandate is necessary in ...

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