Ford finally bids adieu
by Murali Gopalan 14 May 2022

The company has gone back on its intent to manufacture electric vehicles in India for overseas markets as part of the Centre’s production-linked incentive scheme.

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Testing times for electric 2-wheelers
by Murali Gopalan  02 May 2022


Censoring hateful tweets is sometimes mandatory whether one likes it or not and Musk will have his task cut out in navigating his new toy as skillfull...

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With Shanghai in the grip of a Covid spike, car manufacturers are braced for more production issues.

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Understanding the challenge of cybersecurity management
by Dr Madhusudan Joshi, ICAT Manesar  17 Apr 2022

Cybersecurity framework is an ensemble of processes, best practices, guidelines and tools followed to protect digital assets.

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Fuel prices, rising anger
by Murali Gopalan  14 Apr 2022

The bigger problem this time though is that when fuel prices remained unchanged during the elections, oil companies were bleeding badly since they wer...

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What simulation can do to extend the range of EVs
by Jesse Crosse, Autocar UK  04 Apr 2022

The thermal state of EV batteries can be tested in real time by the virtue of Driver-in-loop and hardware-in-loop simulation.

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Global Turmoil
by Murali Gopalan  30 Mar 2022

The auto industry is already concerned about a possible shortage of key components that go into catalytic converters and electric vehicles.

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Is hydrogen a sustainable energy source?
by Jesse Crosse, Autocar UK  30 Mar 2022

Wind farm hydrogen projects may generate and store up to 4.0 tonnes of green hydrogen per day.

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Gearing up for new mobility trends
by Suresh D, Group CTO, Minda Corporation  23 Mar 2022

Companies worldwide are realising the potential of connectivity by monetising data available to them.

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Stagflation concerns
by Murali Gopalan  23 Mar 2022

It is quite evident that CEOs are now gearing up for the challenge and, in fact, relishing the prospects of pushing the envelope even further.

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How the pandemic gave a boost to pre-owned luxury car segment
by Sumit Garg, MD & Co-founder of Luxury Ride  15 Mar 2022

The pandemic and the spurt in online retail provided a major impetus to demand for pre-owned luxury cars.

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Russian Roulette
by Murali Gopalan  25 Feb 2022

The world has turned upside down with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. A detailed analysis.

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Solutions to accelerate adoption of new-gen materials for light weight...
by Panduranga Rao Chirala, Senior VP, Altair  02 Feb 2022

Desire to innovate is the most exciting driver – not with incremental changes but radical design changes to leverage the availability alternate materi...

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Why buy when you can Lease?
by Turra Mohammed  19 Jan 2022

The rising demand for electric vehicles is going to be the next big thing which is expected to drive the automobile rental and leasing market.

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New-age materials and technologies for reducing vehicle weight
by Naveen Mehta, President – Ops, Jindal Aluminium  28 Nov 2021

The use of lightweight materials like aluminium in an automobile by replacing cast iron and traditional steel components helps OEMs reduce vehicle wei...

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A complex mix of growth- and production-impacting factors as well as geo-political issues will continue to hamper output in the near future. And it al...

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Industry 4.0: Incremental technology shifting the auto consumers onlin...
by Anant Jain, Head, Market Intelligence – India, Gfk  09 Nov 2021

A study by Gfk illustrated the latest trends that dominate the marketing activities in the automotive industry.

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Doorstep diesel delivery to redefine India’s energy landscape
by Rajiv Mathur, Managing Director, The Fuel Delivery  27 Sep 2021

Doorstep delivery of diesel via online mode allows access to fuel at a convenient location, reduces transportation costs, and provides timely and hass...

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Revamping manufacturing through business applications
by Lax Gopisetty, VP, Global Practice Head, Infosys  17 Sep 2021

Pandemic-driven global disruption gives rise to Manufacturing 4.0 where the Cloud, IoT and new tech are compelling industry to re-evaluate the manufac...

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Role of e-Mobility in the journey of the auto industry to net zero
by Darshak Parikh & Suraj Shetty, IHS Markit  15 Sep 2021


In this article, Darshak Parikh, Senior Research Analyst – E-Mobility and Suraj Shetty, Principal Research Analyst – Thermal, Supply Chain and Technol...

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