Evolution of the oil sector in India
by KK Gandhi, Convener, CAPR 01 Sep 2020

India imports about 80 percent of its petroleum oil needs; the aim is to reduce this to about 67 percent by 2022.

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Connecting car design and manufacturing to the sales experience throug...
by Dave Hutchinson, Siemens Digital Ind Software  17 Jul 2020

Automotive manufacturers need to take advantage of the latest digital technologies to accommodate changes in the workplace, to support new business mo...

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World Bicycle Day Special: E-cycles emerging as new commuting solution...
by Aditya Munjal, Director, Hero Cycles and Lectro  03 Jun 2020

On World Bicycle Day, Aditya Munjal writes about the increasing relevance of electric cycles as the country reopens post lockdown.

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Electric vehicles and mobility, in the age of coronavirus
by Dr Nishanth Dongari, Founder, PURE EV  02 Jun 2020


Post Covid-19, the value and demand for personal mobility may increase. Electric two-wheelers will be a popular option then.

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More efficient inverters, such as UK firm Equipmake's, allow electric vehicles to get more from their batteries.

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How Covid-19 has written a new world disorder and the economic impact
by Dr Wilfried Aulbur, Senior Partner, Roland Berger  15 May 2020

As with all previous crises, Covid will pass. But its impact and cost will be significant and much more severe than any crisis in living memory.

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Technology and innovation pole-vaulting mobility
by Dr Arun Jaura, MD, Michelin India Tech Centre  11 May 2020

Innovations in autonomous driving vehicles are due to ‘sum-total’ of technologies that have been integrated from conventional mobility, aerospace, adv...

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The founder of Profound Consulting and advisor to Yagna Entrepreneur Success Services says OEMs and dealers can benefit hugely from moving from foreca...

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How the SUV and passenger vehicle markets will pan out after the lockd...
by Dr. Partha Datta, President & MD, FCA India  28 Apr 2020

The passenger vehicle and SUV market in India had been growing fast until the first half of 2019. The triple whammy of the BS VI transition, economic ...

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Tech Companies vs OEMs: Who will rule the auto sector?
by Steve Haywood, Executive VP and Global Practice He  24 Apr 2020

A mobility ecosystem is fast taking shape across the globe. This ecosystem will require contending with multiple new players — many not from a traditi...

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Can two-wheeler OEMs aim for swift recovery once coronavirus abates?
by Pankaj M Munjal, chairman & MD, HMC  13 Apr 2020

Valuable lessons from this crisis include the need for reducing dependence on raw material imports and investing in eco-friendly transport choices suc...

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Reaching out in a time of coronavirus
by Vijay Sujan, CEO - Sujan ContiTech AVS  06 Apr 2020

The CEO of Sujan ContiTech AVS Pvt Ltd and Polyrub CooperStandard on ensuring safety for company staffers; staying connected with customers and suppli...

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Navigating through unusually challenging times
by Raman Nanda, founder and CEO, Step Transformations  04 Apr 2020

The fear of Covid-19 is unique in terms of its impact. Plants are closed, inventories are piled up, suppliers are unpaid, and employees are tense. Her...

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Serious efforts to support India's manufacturing sector: How will they...
by Madan Sabnavis, Chief Economist, CARE Ratings  28 Mar 2020

Some manufacturing segments, especially SMEs, have borne the brunt of getting out of business. Find out how the measures announced by the government ...

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Plants absorb carbon-dioxide when growing which counteracts combustion emissions - at least, in theory.

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How to supercharge the zero-emission transition
by Julie Furber, VP (Electrified Power), Cummins Inc  06 Mar 2020

Julie Furber, Vice-President of Electrified Power, Cummins, writes on what's still missing from the EV conversation.

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Industrial safety: A timeless value for continued growth
by Sanjiv Paul, Senior VP-Mfg, India Yamaha Motor  02 Mar 2020

The national theme declared by National Safety Council of India for the year 2020 is ‘Enhance Safety & Health Performance by Use of Advanced Technolog...

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Axing the Geneva Motor Show was the right (and only) decision
by James Attwood, Autocar UK  28 Feb 2020

New metal is all very well, but our priority must be protecting the world's health

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What would drivers do after self-driving cars take over?
by Prakash Chandra Pathak, BetterPlace  22 Feb 2020

The core issue is that general-purpose driving is an extremely complex problem to solve. To understand the challenge, we must break it down into thre...

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Road map for safer vehicles 2030
by David Ward, President and CEO, Global NCAP  13 Jan 2020

2020 will be a very significant year for global road safety and a great opportunity for India to demonstrate its growing leadership, especially in veh...

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