SAE India's International Mobility Conference to discuss India’s mobility ecosystem next month

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 06 Sep 2022

SAE India (Society of Automotive Engineers India), the country’s leading resource for mobility technology, is back with the 10th edition of its flagship event SAEINDIA International Mobility Conference (SIIMC 2022). Taking forward its commitment to advancing and promoting mobility engineering, SAEINDIA has chosen 'Sustainable Multi-Modal Mobility Ecosystem' as the core theme for this year’s conference.

The SIIMC 2022 conference is scheduled from October 12 to 14 in Bengaluru in physical mode as a three-day event and will see over 700 mobility experts representing thought leaders, R&D professionals, manufacturing and services along with faculties, students and independent researchers who will discuss trends and innovations shaping the future of mobility.

“Mobility plays an increasingly important role in fulfilling our needs and aspirations now and into the future. The challenge is to address our mobility needs in a sustainable manner that are both environmentally responsible and cost-effective. SIIMC 2022 gives us the perfect platform to delve into integrated solutions that leverage current trends and emerging technologies, to develop mobility systems that are in harmony with a greener world we all want to see,” said Dr Bala Bharadvaj, immediate past president of SAE India.

“The transportation industry is one of the largest producers of carbon emissions globally. With the rapid increase in passenger and freight mobility, a sustainable, multi-modal shift will play a vital role in enhancing energy efficiency which is the need of the hour. The integrated use of different forms of transport will determine our travel not only between cities but even for transportation within the cities and societies. SIIMC 2022 will give a holistic view to this sustainable multi-modal mobility ecosystem,” said Mahesh Babu, CEO, Switch Mobility India  Patron SIIMC 2022.

Importantly, promoting future mobility with a multi-modal mobility ecosystem is in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that address global challenges related to climate, poverty, and inequality among others. The SDG goals are interconnected. For example, clean mobility solutions will contribute to a greener environment, and lesser emissions will help manage climate change.

An integrated, efficient, and affordable mass transit system will help promote smooth and efficient people and goods movement leading to equitable work opportunities and economic growth.


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