Autocar Professional’s July 1 2020 issue is free for download

The need for staying connected is becoming important more than ever before. This 56-page special issue of the Autocar Professional highlights the role of connectivity and electronics in the automotive industry today.

  • L&T Technology is working on a slew of new solutions, and technologies to cater to the automotive sector. Shailendra Shrivastava, Global Head of Transportation, charts out the road ahead.
  • Tata Technologies too is focusing big on connectivity. In an exclusive interview, Franck Euvrard, Executive VP & Global Head — Engineering, Research & Development, talks about tackling the mega trend.

But it’s not just technology companies, OEMs too are getting into the act.

  • Mercedes-Benz is looking to redefine in-cabin experience with MBUX.
  • In an exclusive interview, Manu Saale, MD and CEO of Mercedes-Benz R&D India, details how they are working towards their dream “to say there’s a big part of India in every Mercedes”,
  • MaymyIndia adds a touch of trending concepts to the MBUX initiative. Rohan Verma, CEO and Executive Director, touches upon how the company integrated Covid-19 test centre details in the latest MBUX navigation software.

In fact, the automotive world is buzzing with innovative tech that is pushing the envelope-

  • Aeris Communications plans to deliver path breaking results for OEMs with its ‘Aeris Mobility Suite.’
  • Electric two-wheeler maker Ather Energy is literally rewriting the rules of the game with its Over-The-Air updates.
  • Visteon too is aggressively pushing forward to enhance the in-vehicle integrated cockpit experience.

All in all, we get you the latest update of what’s hot and buzzing in the world of connected automobiles and how tech is taking forward the narrative along with all the automotive action in the past fortnight. Download your copy today!