Britain wants UK-made cars to use 50% British parts by 2022
by Sam Sheehan, Autocar UK 28 Nov 2017

Newly published industrial strategy outlines intentions to increase internally supplied parts.

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This is the first time the September car market in the UK has sunk in six years; overall registrations were down 9.3% year on year.

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The 90-minute test will replace existing lab-based evaluations from today.

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More alternatively fuelled vehicles available than ever before in the UK with 83 different models on the market, even as motorists call for greater in...

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The British government has announced plans to boost the UK's role as an automotive tech world leader in a green paper; it predicts EVs will force majo...

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Theresa May’s announcement that Britain will leave the EU’s single market leaves the automotive sector looking for a deal.

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Nottingham will soon have UK's first ‘Eco-Expressway’. But what does the £6.1 million (Rs 51 crore) scheme mean for operators, and how will it benefit...

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UK car production crosses 1.6 million mark in 2016
by Sam Sheehan, Autocar UK  23 Dec 2016

A total of 1,613,495 cars were produced, with 78% (1,258,909) of them being shipped abroad. At the same point in 2015, around 56,000 fewer cars had be...

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Construction of ‘Phase I’ of Aston Martin’s new St Athan facility commences, production of first SUV to begin in 2019.

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UK auto industry faces £4.5 billion car tariff threat
by Rachel Burgess, Autocar UK  30 Nov 2016

SMMT has stressed the need for the UK to stay in Europe's single market following the EU referendum result.

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The UK’s apex auto industry body says digital manufacturing, alongside e-mobility and connected and autonomous vehicles, should be at the heart of ind...

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Exports rise for 15th consecutive month, with 122,765 cars built for overseas markets, up 1.7%; car manufacturing dips 1% in October to 151,795 units ...

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The biggest falls were seen in Germany and France, whose sales decreased by 5.6% & 4.4% respectively. Despite this, the car market in both France and ...

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UK bus operator First York’s Optare Versa electric buses have collectively reached one million kilometres, saving 880 tons of CO2 emissions, compared ...

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Nissan currently supports 28,000 supply chain jobs in the UK, among a wider 78,000 dependent on all British-based vehicle manufacturers.

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The Japanese carmaker's announcement ends rumours that the Sunderland plant could downsize following the Brexit vote.

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The export demand rose by 10.5% to take volumes past one million in the first three quarters for the first time on record.

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Recent study of 1,000 UK drivers reveals women are, on average, 12% angrier than men when they’re behind the wheel.

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Italy and Spain lead the way even as France, UK and Germany record higher numbers in September.

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UK drivers express concerns over autonomous driving
by Julian Rendall, Autocar UK  13 Oct 2016

Despite government efforts to turn the UK into a hub for driverless car development, the British public is uncomfortable with them on the roads.

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UK driverless pod trial is first in public space
by Jimi Beckwith, Autocar UK  12 Oct 2016

A UK firm has started a trial of 40 driverless pods in pedestrianised areas of Milton Keynes.

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