All-electric Toyota C-HR announced as part of Chinese plug-in plans
by Sam Sheehan, Autocar UK 27 Apr 2018

New Corolla and Levin plug-in hybrids will come before electric C-HR.

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New facility in India will focus on downstream software production and validation ensuring quality and compliance with regulations; will supplement gl...

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Toyota: autonomous driving levels are causing confusion
by Steve Cropley, Autocar UK  03 Apr 2018

With six levels of autonomy available now, the system's already becoming confusing for some.

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While Suzuki will supply the Baleno sedan and Vitara Brezza compact SUV to Toyota, Toyota will supply the Corolla sedan to Suzuki.

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Shaw Toyota is spread across 7,277 square feet of showroom space and also has 87,000 square feet of workshop facility. It is backed up by a team of we...

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Deploys 20 fuel cell forklifts at its Motomachi Plant and introduces a dedicated on-site hydrogen station.

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Toyota incorporates a new robot for testing Avalon for its rough road durability.

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Toyota Motor Corporation along with JapanTaxi company with KDDI Corporation and Accenture to develop the AI based taxi dispatch system is being operat...

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Mercedes-Benz zips past Toyota and BMW in the 2018 most valuable brand list on back of its 24 percent growth.

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Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee says negotiations with the EU are "exercise in damage limitation" for automotive industry

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Join us as we look at some of the random and unlikely sectors car companies have ventured into.

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In last six years the median of all-electric vehicles has nearly doubled from the prevailing range in 2011.

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Dyson electric car: solid-state battery exec departs firm
by Jimi Beckwith, Autocar UK  19 Dec 2017

Dyson’s electric car project has received support from the Government and features former Aston Martin employees.

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Lexus has brought its NX300h to India, with prices likely to start at about Rs 60 lakh (ex-showroom, India). The smallest offering from the manufactur...

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Adient announced that it has invested $30 million (Rs 189 crore) for its new automotive seating prototyping and testing facility in Pune,to start oper...

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Toyota pushes for autonomy regulations tidy up
by Jim Holder, Autocar UK  02 Nov 2017

Japanese manufacturer calls on governments to work together to develop harmonised regulations for self-driving cars.

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Second-generation hydrogen fuel cell technology will be introduced in the early 2020s, substantially reducing costs

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The chances of the Toyota TJ Cruiser making production hinge on public reaction around the world

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Autonomous EV shows potential of AI systems around four years before they make market.

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Automakers up the ante in 2017 Best Global Brands study
by Autocar Pro News Desk  27 Sep 2017

As per the findings of the latest study, over 50 percent of the best global brands consist of companies from the automotive, technology, financial ser...

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As per estimates, the data volume between vehicles and the cloud will reach 10 exabytes per month around 2025, approximately 10,000 times larger than ...

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