Tesla Model S transformed into mobile servicing vehicle
by Jimi Beckwith, Autocar UK 25 May 2018

The stripped-out, tooled-up Model S comes with service and diagnostic equipment and a coffee machine for servicing on the go.

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Tesla Model S

This is the EV maker's most productive quarter and comprised 24,728 Model S and Model X, and 9,766 Model 3.

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Power steering bolt found to corrode in certain circumstances; only pre-April 2016 cars affected.

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Audi to launch e-tron GT as Tesla Model S rival
by James Attwood, Autocar UK  15 Mar 2018

New all-electric four-door GT will show how firm will 'take Audi Sport' into the future.

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With electric mobility gaining pace all over the world, Varroc's automotive lighting division is gearing up to capitalise on new business opportunitie...

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Gurgaon-based multi-component supplier is to supply aluminium pressure die-cast parts for the wiper system assembly of the Model 3 from its Spanish su...

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Production in second quarter of 2017 hampered by severe shortfall of 100 kWh battery packs.

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Riding high on highest-ever product and sales in a quarter, the premium electric vehicle manufacturer has become the second largest American carmaker ...

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Faraday Future (FF) has revealed FF 91 (‘nine one’), its first production vehicle, at an event prior to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 which...

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History of Chinese copycat cars
by Jimi Beckwith, Autocar UK  05 Nov 2016

The Chinese motor industry is fond of a copycat car or two, so take a look through our selection of the most outrageous examples that we could find...

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All cars being produced now have the hardware needed for a fully autonomous mode, but the software required to utilise it won’t arrive until 2017.

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Around half-a-million orders for Tesla's mass-market electric car appear have been delayed; orders now equate to more than $14 billion of future sales...

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Tesla Model S P100D is world's quickest car
by Sam Sheehan, Autocar UK  24 Aug 2016

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirms long-rumoured 100kWh battery pack will be added to the Model S and Model X ranges; Model S is the world's quickest car on...

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Tesla Motors reports losses of £220 million for Q2-2016
by Sam Sheehan, Autocar UK  04 Aug 2016

The electric carmaker sold 14,402 cars between April and June of this year, which was 2598 below its target for the period amounting to close to £998 ...

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Tesla Motors' Gigafactory in numbers
by Doug Revolta, Autocar UK  27 Jul 2016

500,000 cars and US$ 5 billion (Rs 33,625 crore); with Tesla’s groundbreaking new factory set to open on Friday, here's looking at some of the numbers...

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Tesla has had remarkable success in its formative years - so is this second masterplan really achievable?

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Tesla boss Elon Musk has unveiled his so-called ‘Master Plan, Part Deux’, which includes product plans for the firm’s car model line-up, further auton...

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Autonomous driving is not so much about being able to check your emails or enjoy that burger as the car drives itself, as much as it is about the high...

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Tesla's self-driving system is under scrutiny after a Model S driver was killed in a crash, but a transport expert says autonomous tech is safe.

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Buyers of Tesla’s first ‘affordable’ all-electric model won’t be eligible for free electricity like Model S and Model X owners.

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Can Tesla really build 500,000 cars a year?
by Julian Rendall, Autocar UK  10 May 2016

All-electric car maker says it can cope with rocketing demand, but doubts are cast over how suppliers will prop up parts supply

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