Analysis: Ford India MD's four-pronged growth strategy for suppliers
by Amit Panday 14 Jun 2018

Anurag Mehrotra, president and MD, Ford India, underlines how component suppliers can drive growth by enhancing quality, developing the right products, achieving competitive c...

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Twenty component suppliers from India participate in Yamaha’s Global Suppliers Conference with draws over 220 suppliers from 14 countries.

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Exa and Denso to provide certified digital simulation library of Denso’s thermal products enabling OEMs to verify performance of critical subsystems f...

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For its automotive business, Continental procures 135 billion individual components a year from a total of 4,000 suppliers at some 100 production loca...

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On May 20, 57 awards were presented to suppliers who exceed company expectations and distinguish themselves from their peers by achieving the highest ...

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