SMEV sets up separate verticals for 4 vehicle segments, EV component

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 19 Jun 2018

In an effort to provide new momentum to electric mobility in India, the Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles has appointed five industry representatives across vehicl...

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The CEO has urged the government to provide support to the electric vehicle industry and become a key consumer for the EVs across the spectrum. The go...

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The conference aims to augment the demand of electric vehicles from the user segment, create a conducive EV ecosystem by building infrastructure and e...

27 Jul 2018 - 28 Jul 2018
Hotel Novotel
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

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CEO and founder of Ampere Electric Vehicle and South Chapter chief of SMEV questions abrupt discontinuity of subsidy for low-speed two-wheeler models,...

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Hemalatha Annamalai points out that the industry needs quick roll out, separate funds for continuous research that will lead to key component developm...

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SMEV expects the government to take immediate remedies and proactive measures which have been identified by it and were also known to the government.

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The unreasonably high rate of GST is one of the key impediments for faster adoption of electric vehicles in the country and as one of the main stumbli...

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The top five Indian states in terms of EV sales were Gujarat (4,330 units), West Bengal (2,846), Uttar Pradesh (2,467), Rajasthan (2,388) and Maharash...

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FAME estimates electric two-wheelers to touch the magical 25 million mark by 2019-20 while SMEV pegs them at 250,000 units growing at a CAGR of about ...

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After the FAME India scheme’s launch, the Indian EV market has seen some growth. But there are some hurdles that need to be removed for better tractio...

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For a country of India's size and its motoring population, sales of 22,000 EVs are insignificant. Clearly, there is much left to be done by the govern...

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