On the road to zero road crash fatalities
by Piyush Tewari 19 May 2018

Piyush Tewari, founder and CEO of Savelife Foundation seeks to minimise the risk of injury through shared responsibility by different stakeholders.

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SaveLife Foundation

Autocar Professional's annual Safety Special is all about expert opinion on ways to reduce road accidents and save lives, technologies that can benefi...

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The partnership will help address the worldwide health challenge posed by the increasing number of road crashes, which kill over 1.25m people and inju...

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Mahindra wins FICCI Road Safety Award for its 'Zero fatality corridor on the Mumbai-Pune expressway' project.

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The study by SaveLife Foundation, which covers 2-wheeler riders and drivers of PVs, trucks, buses and autorickshaws, reveals the behavioural patterns ...

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