At Rs 84.40 a litre, petrol scales a new high in India, diesel too at Rs 72.21
by Autocar Pro News Desk , 21 May 2018

With crude oil on the boil globally, the impact is now being further felt on fuel prices in India. Petrol and diesel are currently hitting record highs due to stiff state and ...

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The higher price increase in diesel as compared to petrol has resulted in the two fuels getting closely priced.

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Both petrol and diesel have hit a new high. Motorists in Mumbai are affected the most, getting lesser fuel than they did for the same money they paid ...

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Following strikes by the US, the UK and France on Syria, expect oil prices to boil. The impact will also be felt in India, where prices are already at...

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Motorists in Mumbai have to shell out Rs 81.69 for a litre of petrol and Rs 68.89 for diesel while Delhiites pay Rs 73.83 and Rs 64.69 respectively.

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Mahle Bioethanol 2 consists of a system inside the fermenters that uses equipment to control the process. It stimulates biochemical reactions, which r...

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It's more resolutions per minute as the new year kicks in. Here are Top 10 tips to do your bit for Planet Earth by s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g every litre of ...

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With a fair portion of the taxes on petrol and diesel going to State governments, finance minister Arun Jaitley calls on them to reduce the level of V...

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In November 2014, the Central government’s excise duty on petrol was Rs 9.48 and Rs 3.56 a litre on diesel, which has gone up to Rs 21.48 on petrol (+...

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In Mumbai, a litre of petrol now costs Rs 79.99 per litre, while tanking up on diesel costs Rs 62.82 per litre. This is the highest yet since dynamic ...

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Since the government-introduced daily fuel price revision exercise began on June 16, 2017 retail petrol and diesel prices have scaled their highest le...

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China considers banning petrol and diesel cars
by Sam Sheehan, Autocar UK  10 Sep 2017

Aggressive plans to cut automotive emissions announced in world’s biggest car market

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Achieving climate targets calls for more than electromobility. Synthetic – or carbon-neutral – fuels can make a significant contribution to limiting g...

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France to ban petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040
by Sam Sheehan, Autocar UK  07 Jul 2017

French environment minister Nicolas Hulot also wants to halt investment in all petrol, gas and oil projects.

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With this, the price for a litre of petrol stands at Rs 66.91 in Delhi, Rs 69.52 in Kolkata, Rs 78.44 in Mumbai and Rs 69.93 in Chennai. Diesel now co...

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The digitally controlled intelligent valve operation betters the fuel economy and engine flexibility of petrols.

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With this, the price for a litre of petrol stands at Rs 65.32 in Delhi, Rs 68.21 in Kolkata, Rs 74.72 in Mumbai and Rs 68.26 in Chennai. Diesel now co...

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Leapfrogging of emission norms will see both automakers and suppliers invest heavily in technologies and manufacturing.   

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Oil marketing companies have effected one of the largest price cuts in recent times, citing

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Norwegian government targets sale of only zero or low emission models with 'polluter pays' principle.

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In the 12 months from January 16, 2016 to January 16, 2017, the price of a litre of petrol rose by Rs 12.11 in Delhi and by Rs 15.37 for a litre of di...

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