Volkswagen exports 250,000th ‘Made in India’ car to Mexico
by Autocar Pro News Desk 28 Jul 2017

Volkswagen India exports to over 35 countries across four continents of North America, South America, Africa and Asia and has shipped more than 310,000 cars till date.

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Donald Trump versus the automotive industry
by Jimi Beckwith, Autocar UK  18 Jan 2017

Trump’s views on Mexican-built cars has divided car makers’ responses between compliant and defiant – see how each has reacted here.

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Trump takes aim at Mexico's car industry in his latest crusade, but what price will the wider car industry pay for this latest round of Trumpisms?

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Japanese carmaker becomes latest subject of US president-elect’s diatribe against Make In Mexico.

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Mexico, in the recent past, has become an attractive investment destination for foreign automakers thanks to its labour costs, which are said to be a ...

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Mayors of the four global cities are to take drastic measures to address growing air quality issues.

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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), Global NCAP and Latin NCAP hosted a car-to-car crash yesterday at the IIHS headquarters in Virginia...

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After the test which involved a 50% overlap and a combined closing speed of 129 kph (80 mph), the results graphically highlighted the urgent need for ...

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Economic assessment suggests that these casualty reductions could save up to US$ 143 billion (Rs 956,320 crore) over the period 2016 to 2030.

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A one-off crash test between two versions of the same car – one sold in Mexico, one sold in the USA – will demonstrate the gulf in safety standards

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To validate its premium quality, the company is networking its new plant with other sites in the Audi global production network.

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The new JIS (Just-in-Sequence) Park next to the Audi plant in San José Chiapa, Mexico, has the advantage of short distances between production and sup...

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The German carmaker will produce the new generation of the Q5 for the world market in San José Chiapa in Mexico. The plant has an annual production ca...

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The new facility will manufacture high-end tyres for passenger cars and light trucks and will go on stream in Q4 2018.

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World’s largest supplier of hinge systems targets NAFTA market, start of production planned for December 2016

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The plant in San Luis Potosi will comprise a body shop, paint shop and assembly, characterised by an innovative production system and comprehensive su...

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The Bosch Group will invest 90 million euros in the country this year which will see the expansion of its plants and a new steering systems manufactur...

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Although both Latin and Global NCAP have welcomed the Mexican government’s publication of new vehicle safety standards, they re very disappointed by t...

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Dutch government wants to ban petrol and diesel cars
by Sam Sheehan and Doug Revolta, Autocar UK  06 Apr 2016

Dutch Labour party wants to halt the sales of petrol and diesel cars by 2025; is this the beginning of the end for the mass-produced combustion engine...

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