The autonomous vehicle age is coming
by Autocar Pro News Desk , 07 Apr 2018

An insight by Ludovic Lassauce, the director at Tata Communications’ UCC, Mobility and IoT Business Unit.

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The collaboration will help build a next-generation smart cockpit enhanced by a multi-screen display, artificial-intelligence-driven interaction and s...

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The platform monitors, analyses and reports data about tyre temperature and pressure for commercial fleets, such as trucks, buses, industrial or earth...

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Seed investment will help Dellfer develop cybersecurity safeguards for connected and autonomous vehicles.

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With passenger cars turning into computers on wheels, they are also vulnerable to being hacked. This has created a huge business opportunity which NXP...

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The component and technology major is accelerating digitalisation and start-up projects with a view to developing an innovation factory in India.

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The remote management system packages will provide factories using automated production lines with management systems in the network-based monitoring ...

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Looks to expand into fast-growing connected mobility market in India and abroad across vehicle segments, to develop cutting-edge Internet of Things so...

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IoT: the smart way to reduce transport risk and operational costs
by Bhaven Shah & Pradeep Singh,  23 Jun 2017

The logistics industry can benefit from various IoT devices like smart theft sensors and remote digital locks for freight safety, GPS and RFID-based s...

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Bangalore-based start-up’s integrated platform claims to improve productivity of a commercial vehicle fleet, either passenger or freight.

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BMW and IBM working on artificial intelligence car tech
by Sam Sheehan, Autocar UK  16 Dec 2016

BMW is providing the IBM site with four i8s to be used as prototypes for these new artificial intelligence systems.

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Powered by Azure, the Microsoft cloud, the three solutions offered by Precimetrix, Teramatrix and Covacsis are helping create digital, intelligent and...

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The company is also exploring the option of discovering new tech-based startups in line with its DNA (Discover, Nurture and Align) strategy.

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Machine learning is a type of computerised artificial intelligence (AI) that allows the interpretation of large amounts of data, on a scale far in adv...

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In 2015, Bosch generated sales of 19.2 billion in the Asia-Pacific region, which translates to 27 percent of its worldly sales.

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Robert Bosch GmbH has entered into a strategic innovation partnership with Software AG to develop new joint services and solutions for the Internet of...

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