Wolf-Henning Scheider: ‘We are counting on India for good opportunities over the comi...
by Amit Panday 29 Jun 2018

ZF held its annual Technology Day earlier this week in its home-town of Friedrichshafen. CEO Wolf-Henning Scheider spoke to Amit Panday on the company's growing India connect,...

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The world body has confirmed what industry feared – a downgrade of growth prospects for FY2016-17 and slower growth in 2017-18.

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Along with China, the world’s largest automotive market, India is the next big bet for the UK. India’s vehicle population is expected to double over t...

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Exercise demonstrates substantial time and cost can be saved through facilitation of seamless transport through the sub-region and also give a major b...

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The investment is with regards to Indian companies’ interest in setting up petrochemical and fertilizer plants in the region.

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