Democratising safety
by David Ward, Global NCAP 15 May 2018

The combined effect of new regulation and test results of ‘Safer Cars for India’ is raising levels of occupant protection. We are starting to see new models including airbags ...

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Global NCAP

Autocar Professional's safety webinar sees lively debate on measures to reduce accidents, injuries and fatalities through life-saving tech like ESC, a...

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Hella India Lighting's Ramashankar Pandey, Global NCAP's David Ward, Tata Motors' Jyotindran Sastabhavan and Continental's Alexander Klotz to discuss,...

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The ‘Safer Choice’ Award will be presented to automakers achieving the highest levels of safety performance for cars sold in India.

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It is learnt that the results of Global NCAP's second India vehicle test of 2017, which are to be revealed tomorrow, are "positive".

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Autocar Professional's annual webinar on automotive safety will be hosted on Monday, May 8, this year. May 8 will also mark the start of the fifth UN ...

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Global NCAP, which released test results of the Ford Aspire and Chevrolet Enjoy today, will be testing more made-in-India cars this year, says Alejand...

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