Road Safety Week begins with 250km walkathon from New Delhi to Chandigarh
by Mayank Dhingra 23 Apr 2018

The mega-walkathon will spread awareness about pedestrian safety and also aims to bring the negligence in developing road infrastructure to the notice of the judicial system.

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Road Safety Week 2018 (April 23-29) to open with 250km walkathon to spread awareness abour road safety and also the need to have pedestrian-friendly r...

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Abundant and low cost labour will continue to make India an attractive manufacturing hub at least for the next 2-3 years but the upcoming disruptions ...

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Industry experts believe that the rising middle-class and creation of highly optimised supply chains are the two primary megatrends impacting the sect...

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Mahindra wins FICCI Road Safety Award for its 'Zero fatality corridor on the Mumbai-Pune expressway' project.

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The latest report, which comes 6 months after the NITI Aayog-RMI report, once again pushes the government’s cause for all-electric mobility in conjunc...

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Five years from now, the automotive industry will see 55% of its workforce deployed in radically different skill jobs.

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Even as the government is mapping out a number of programmes aimed at reducing the high number of road accidents in the country, some companies are dr...

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Nitin Gadkari in talks with London Transport system for replicating transport model in India.

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