Coal-fired power station becomes battery storage plant
by Autocar Pro News Desk , 21 Jun 2018

The stored battery modules are sufficient for at least 600 vehicles, and has a installed power output of 8.96 MW and energy capacity of 9.8 MW, and can also supply power to st...

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electric vehicles

The new 16nm microprocessor can manage the systems of the car autonomously or under the direct control of the driver.

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The facility will be expanded into a 3,000m production space and would create 200 new jobs.

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With a host of models catering to a wide variety of segments available in the carmaker's global portfolio, sifting through them and getting the right ...

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All new Volvo models launched from 2019 will be available as either a mild petrol hybrid, plug-in petrol hybrid or battery electric vehicle.

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The two countries have agreed to further increase engagement towards energy security, energy access and climate change issues.

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The advent of electric vehicles in India is bringing additional challenges to the safety scenario. Here's looking into the safety norms that an EV has...

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The Automotive Testing Expo (ATE) held in Chennai between January 9-11 this year saw some of the major testing solutions providers, from India and abr...

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The new facility will manufacture the entire range of buses of Ashok Leyland, along with the capability for electric vehicle development and prototype...

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The new Nissan Leaf scored 94.8 points out of the possible 100 for occupant safety in a collision.

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ABB India has installed the Terra 53 fast charging station at the NITI Aayog's office in New Delhi. The fast charger is capable to full-charge an elec...

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TVS showcases its future tech through concepts at Auto Expo 2018
by Sumantra B Barooah and Ujal Nair  14 Feb 2018

TVS Motor Co, looks to tap into new two-wheeler segments - electric, cruiser and ethanol - showcases future product line at the Auto Expo 2018.

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Battery-electric Volvo will be based on 40.2 concept and arrive as a standalone model.

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The electric two-wheeler segment will constitute nearly 60 percent of the EV market with a healthy growth of nearly 38 percent by 2020.

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Luxury flagship will use cutting-edge tech to steal a march on S-Class and 7 Series.

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Why Mercedes-AMG needs the V8 in an electric future
by Andrew Frankel, Autocar UK  17 Jan 2018

A switch to zero-emissions propulsion is inevitable, even for a brand like AMG. But it needn't spell the end of the bent-eight motor.

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Kia aiming to have autonomous cars in cities by 2021
by James Attwood, Autocar UK  09 Jan 2018

Korean brand outlines new strategy with focus on self-driving cars and major expansion of electrified offerings.

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In 2017, the Chinese government offered 3.3 billion yuan (Rs 3,359 crore) in subsidies for adoption of e-buses and construction of charging facilities...

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In last six years the median of all-electric vehicles has nearly doubled from the prevailing range in 2011.

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Department of Heavy Industry has, not undertaken any specific study to assess the yearly requirement of battery capacity to meet this demand.

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The unreasonably high rate of GST is one of the key impediments for faster adoption of electric vehicles in the country and as one of the main stumbli...

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