Bosch to invest 300m euros in AI, employ 100 experts from India, USA, Germany
by Autocar Pro News Desk , 04 Jul 2017

German technology major bets big on artificial intelligence and is bullish on autonomous vehicles as the future of safer urban mobility.

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Next-generation range-topping saloon gets more driverless tech and lighter construction; it features Audi's most advanced suspension system

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Chris Lattner joins all-electric car maker as vice president of Autopilot software; he leaves Apple after 11 years.

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But technology firm reserves right to use its self-developed software and hardware on its own automotive products too.

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The RAC Intellibus was purchased by the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia (RAC WA) for AU$296,000 (Rs 1.45 crore) from French company Navya, ...

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FCA supplies 100 autonomous cars to Google Waymo
by Sam Sheehan, Autocar UK  20 Dec 2016

FCA supplies Google's Waymo car brand with 100 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid MPVs to test autonomous technology; the new cars will more than double Google'...

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Google Waymo self-driving car company announced
by Jimi Beckwith, Autocar UK  15 Dec 2016

The Google autonomous car project has transformed into its own company, named Waymo, which aims to bring self-driving vehicles to the fore

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Ride-sharing company Uber is expanding its self-driving pilot to San Francisco, California, using specially-converted self-driving Volvo XC90 premium ...

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Michigan approves autonomous car testing without steering wheel
by Alisdair Suttie, Autocar UK  14 Dec 2016

The US state of Michigan now allows the testing of autonomous vehicles with no steering wheel on public roads.

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Jaap Zuiderveld, vice-president, EMEAI at NVIDIA explains how Deep Learning will be the key to autonomous driving and how far is India from realising ...

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The Intelligent Vehicle Towing system uses a modified Nissan Leaf to autonomously tow trollies carrying finished vehicles between designated loading a...

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Cars of the future will need to collect a basis set of data so insurers can determine who was in control of the vehicle at the time – the driver or th...

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The growing demand for high-tech features in passenger vehicles in India is creating new business opportunities for engineering solution providers lik...

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UK driverless pod trial is first in public space
by Jimi Beckwith, Autocar UK  12 Oct 2016

A UK firm has started a trial of 40 driverless pods in pedestrianised areas of Milton Keynes.

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Following the acquisition of start-up autonomous driving company, Otto, Uber plans to shake up the US$ 700 billion road freight industry with self-dri...

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The two companies will jointly develop new base vehicles that will be able to incorporate the latest developments in autonomous driving technologies, ...

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Whom should an autonomous car save in a crash?
by Jimi Beckwith, Autocar UK  10 Aug 2016

Artificial intelligence decision-making programming is judged by the public in a new study from a US university.

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Open track testing event for autonomous car development will take place at Bruntingthorpe this November.

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American tech firm is prioritising autonomous systems over the development of a new car model.

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The Chinese mobility industry has stated its intent to be the global leader in driverless technology. Sumantra B Barooah gets inside China’s first dri...

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Autonomous driving is not so much about being able to check your emails or enjoy that burger as the car drives itself, as much as it is about the high...

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