Jaguar Land Rover testing a fleet of connected cars in the UK
by Autocar Pro News Desk , 28 Jun 2018

Jaguar Land Rover is testing smart, connected cars on UK roads to prepare for self-driving cars.

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connected cars

Anurag Mehrotra, president and MD, Ford India, underlines how component suppliers can drive growth by enhancing quality, developing the right products...

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The study claims safety systems and cloud-based functions can prevent around 260,000 injury accidents, save 390,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions and offer ...

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German carmaker to sharpen focus on mega trends of Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Service and Electric Drive

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The software will optimise the high-speed transmission and reception of data within the vehicle to support increasingly complex features that will lea...

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A road less taken: cyber security for connected cars
by Shrikant Shitole, MD, India Symantec  01 Dec 2016

Online videos show hackers remotely taking control of cars in ways that can endanger drivers and passengers.

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The company is also exploring the option of discovering new tech-based startups in line with its DNA (Discover, Nurture and Align) strategy.

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Spirent’s TTworkbench and test environment will help Hyundai to verify that its in-car Ethernet networks are robust enough to support advanced applica...

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The Tata Motors-owned Jaguar Land Rover has partnered with its former parent company, Ford, to develop autonomous and connected car technologies.

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Available in five variants, the Cavalier will be priced between RMB 79,900-RMB 109,900 (Rs 8.13 lakh – Rs 11.18 lakh) and will be available at dealers...

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The electronic company says it has devised a specially-developed 5+1 security framework which consists of a series of layers that protects the car’s h...

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