Jeya Padmanaban: ‘Almost 40 to 100 percent of Indian roads are accident prone’
by Amit Panday 10 Jun 2018

President of JP Research talks about how its operations were set up in India and the importance of the RASSI consortium.

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Safety feature uses gas thrusters to combat slides while cornering.

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The consortium will explore blockchain technology to be used in a new digital mobility ecosystem that aims to make transportation safer, affordable, a...

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The SAFE convention aims to share the best practices adopted by government and private organisations in vehicular safety, technology innovations, and ...

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New Bosch diesel tech to ‘fix’ NOx problem
by Sam Sheehan, Autocar UK  26 Apr 2018

German engineering firm pushes emissions far below required levels using existing hardware.

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Auto-ISAC operates as a central hub to share and analyse intelligence about emerging cybersecurity risks, it claims its secure intelligence sharing po...

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Bosch to incorporBosch to incorporate Immersion’s haptics technology in its automotive applications.ate Immersion’s haptics technology in its automoti...

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Bosch will bring together over 600 associates for developing and selling digital mobility services that include vehicle sharing, ride-sharing and conn...

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Wolf-Henning Scheider, previously has held several key positions across technology companies such as Bosch, Malhe.

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With passenger cars turning into computers on wheels, they are also vulnerable to being hacked. This has created a huge business opportunity which NXP...

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Since February 2017 the companies have been performing trials of the new, high-performance technology – which it claims is the first trial by companie...

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Bosch is showcasing its smart cockpit technology that lets drivers concentrate on driving, eyes can be kept where they should be – on the road.

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The new Apache RR 310, which zips from 0-60kph in 2.93sec and hits a top whack of 160kph, leverages TVS Motor's racing experience of 35 years but also...

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The Safe Roads Summit, which aims to heighten road safety awareness in India, this year focuses on safety of children as they are the most vulnerable ...

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New Buderus Guss brake disc generates up to 90 percent less brake dust. iDisc’s carbide coating reduces brake wear and tear while enhancing operating ...

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The world over, vehicle manufacturers as well as component suppliers are exploring the potential of deriving long-term benefits and a competitive adva...

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Precision Camshafts to acquire Memco Engineering
by Autocar Pro News Desk  11 Oct 2017

The Nashik-based precision machining Memco Engineering is a supplier to German component maker Bosch.

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Synthetic fuels are a very important additional key in that because synthetic fuel starts with H2O on one side and ends with synthetic diesel on the o...

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Premier automotive engineering body first such event sees a galaxy of top-notch speakers and an engaging panel discussion, moderated by Autocar Profes...

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Bosch says its development project with partners Autotalks, Cohda Wireless, and Ducati that gets motorcycles and cars to ‘talk’ to each other could pr...

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ITK Engineering employs more than 900 professionals and offers development and consulting services for industrial enterprises and research institution...

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