5G to play key role for autonomous vehicle connectivity, says Gartner
by Autocar Pro News Desk , 21 Jun 2018

By 2025, autonomous vehicles will upload over 1 TB (terabyte) of vehicle and sensor data per month to the cloud, compared to the 30 GB (gigabytes) from advanced connected cars...

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autonomous vehicles

Quanergy claims that it is the only LiDAR manufacturer to commercially produce an integrated hardware and software platform solution.

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The new 16nm microprocessor can manage the systems of the car autonomously or under the direct control of the driver.

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With this investment, SoftBank Vision Fund will own a 19.6-percent equity stake in GM Cruise and will enable GM with increased flexibility with respec...

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Jaguar Land Rover is developing autonomous cars capable of all-terrain, off-road driving in any weather condition.

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The technology verifies the safety of the system’s design without requiring  billions of miles driven by unproven vehicles on public roads.

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Will autonomous cars affect the price of pizza?
by James Attwood, Autocar UK  13 Apr 2018

Ford's self-driving car test programme has created some American Hot topics of discussion - including the cost of food delivery.

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BMW Group makes its biggest move towards autonomous driving by starting a dedicated centre of excellence.

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An insight by Ludovic Lassauce, the director at Tata Communications’ UCC, Mobility and IoT Business Unit.

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America’s west coast state has enabled true driverless tests in public, although no companies have begun them yet.

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rFpro’s platform claimed to significantly reduce cost and development time; provides a completely safe testing environment; 2 OEMs already carrying ou...

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Toyota: autonomous driving levels are causing confusion
by Steve Cropley, Autocar UK  03 Apr 2018

With six levels of autonomy available now, the system's already becoming confusing for some.

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Mumbai-based AutoNxt comes up with an innovative concept of an autonomous and an electric tractor.

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Arizona halts test programme after pedestrian became first to die in an accident involving a self-driving vehicle.

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The consumer protection body has stated that Arizona has become the wild west of robot car testing without any regulations in place. It has further ca...

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The Cruise AV, which the company plans to commercialise in 2019, is the first production-ready vehicle built from the ground up to operate safely on i...

 777 Read more has deployed six autonomous vehicles in the Guangzhou district which have already undergone rigorous real-life road driving tests.

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Adient's vice-president (Engineering) and CTO and one of the top engineering minds in the global seating systems domain, speaks about the company’s pa...

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Adient's vice-president (Engineering) and CTO and one of the top engineering minds in the global seating systems domain, speaks about the company’s pa...

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A new company set up by the former head of the Google car project has become a key player in autonomous technology.

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Korean firm unveils ix35 Fuel Cell successor with claimed range of 500 miles.

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