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Autocar Professional, May 15 magazine

by Autocar Pro News Desk May 15, 2017

The annual 'Automotive Safety Special' is laden with information, analysis and debate, all with a view towards creating a safer India. Plus, a host of topical features, news and...




More than half of 2W riders admit not wearing helmet: Exide survey

National by Autocar Pro News Desk Dec 22, 2017

A ‘false logic’ of India’s helmetless two-wheeler generation, attributes their habit on comfort and ‘force of habit’, which takes precedence over their safety.


Sena starts shipping Momentum-series full-face Bluetooth helmets

Technology by Autocar Pro News Desk Mar 20, 2018

The Sena Momentum series helmet incorporate its true series technology that enables Bluetooth communication between the user and other riders, FM radio, making...