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Ford cancels plans for $1.6 billion plant in Mexico

by Autocar Pro News Desk Jan 04, 2017

Ford will now invest $700 million to expand its Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan into a factory that will build high-tech autonomous and electric vehicles along with the...




GM should stop making Chevy Cruze in Mexico, or pay border tax: Donald Trump

Industry by Autocar Pro News Desk Jan 04, 2017

Mexico, in the recent past, has become an attractive investment destination for foreign automakers thanks to its labour costs, which are said to be a fifth of...


First American crude oil shipment to reach India by end-September

Industry by Autocar Pro News Desk Aug 17, 2017

The first lot of two million barrels of American crude oil left the US between August 6-14 and are likely to reach Paradip (Odisha) in the last week of September.


Ather Energy displays S340 electric scooter at GES 2017

National by Autocar Pro News Desk Nov 28, 2017

The theme of Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2017, 'Women First, Prosperity for All'that will celebrate entrepreneurial spirit in all its strength, diversity...


US government set to relax fuel economy laws

Industry by James Attwood, Autocar UK Apr 05, 2018

Trump administration pledges to roll back Obama-era fuel standard, setting up conflict with California


President Trump threatens to impose tariffs on cars imported from the EU

Industry by Jim Holder, Autocar UK Mar 05, 2018

American president proposes trade war to protect homegrown interests; car makers respond by saying they employ hundreds of thousands of US workers.