Tata Group robot maker looks to enhance quality and productivity at India Auto Inc
by Mayank Dhingra 12 Sep 2018

TAL Manufacturing solutions’ growth strategy in a market taking slow steps at robotisation.

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Laser welding technique can include opaque flame-retardent blend for flame retardant plastic-based battery enclosures.

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Futuristic autonomous concept showcases new electric-powered chassis and body-swapping technology.

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Chief Commercial Officer of the Netherlands-based DSM Engineering Plastics speaks on burgeoning demand for high-performance engineering thermoplastics...

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The recently unveiled EQC SUV features relatively conventional design – but the firm's future EVs will go further.

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Managing director, EV charging infrastructure, ABB, on solar EV charging infrastructure in India.

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The charging station at the metro station will charge 400 e-rickshaws for free.

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Indians most keen on driverless cars: Survey
by Mayank Dhingra and Nishant Parekh 04 Sep 2018

Global survey of 21,000 adults across 28 countries finds respondents in developing markets, particularly India, most eager for self-driving cars.

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The 3D blow molded hoses are used in high performance turbochargers for automotive OEMs.

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The tyres are designed to provide a hyper-low noise environment and supreme driving performance.

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Why has Porsche Engineering decided to develop its own charging park for electric cars?

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The ministry will fund for the procurement of 585 electric buses.

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It involves integrating the electrical machine into the semitrailer’s axles to enable regenerative braking to generate power for the cooling unit.

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The companies believe that AVs would be hugely popular among autonomous fleet operators.

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Virtual eyes make 'eye contact' with pedestrians to let them know it is safe to cross, with pedestrian behaviour monitored.

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Outlandish speedster concept demonstrates what can be done with electrified cars, with EVs, hybrids and range extenders on the way.

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The whole project uses Panasonic’s cloud-based data platform, chipset from Qualcomm and test vehicle from Ford.

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Successful C-V2X radio chipset interoperability represents accelerating commercial readiness for automaker and infrastructure deployments beginning in...

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Autonomous navigation of heavy duty trucks is expected to reduce road accidents due to human error.

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​The e-commerce portal looks to make it easier for amateur and professional shoppers to repair, care and upgrade their vehicles.

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Director, Program Management, Google Maps reveals what it is taken to come up trumps with the Indian motorist, developing a two-wheeler mode first for...

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