Analysis: The challenges of safety and reliability in EVs

Industry by Umesh Krishnappa Apr 22, 2018

The advent of electric vehicles in India is bringing additional challenges to the safety scenario. Here's looking into the safety norms that an EV has to adhere to.


EV Power suppliers in India gear up to be in charge

Industry by Nilesh Wadhwa Apr 22, 2018

Tata Power, Exicom Power Solutions and Delta Electronics India share their vision for setting up an electric vehicle charging infrastructure in India.

Auto Components

Mild hybrids as an electrification mantra for India

Auto Components by Mayank Dhingra Apr 21, 2018

A discussion with Anil Yadav, Head – Region Asia, Business Unit Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Continental Automotive gives an insight into China’s EV-centric approach...

Commercial Vehicles

BYD plans a future beyond e-buses in India

Commercial Vehicles by Sumantra B Baoorah and Kiran Bajad Apr 21, 2018

BYD’s future goals and strategies that are earmarked exclusively for India. Their aspirations with the new public transport venture. Their possible entry into the...

Passenger Vehicles

Aston Martin's e-Lagonda to challenge Rolls-Royce and Bentley "duopoly"

Passenger Vehicles by Sumantra B Barooah Apr 21, 2018

Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin reveals that the car maker has decided to take the full electric route but not for the adrenaline-rush-providing cars it is known...


Sun Mobility: start-up that's gunning to be an EVangelist 

Industry by Sumantra B Barooah Apr 17, 2018

Bangalore-based start-up aims to be the agent of change with its smart mobility ecosystem — swappable batteries, fast interchanging stations and a digitally...