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Western Digital eyes growing storage needs

by Kiran Bajad Jun 16, 2018

US-based Western Digital Corp is bullish on the growing demand for high-capacity storage solutions at a rapid pace in the Indian passenger vehicle market.




Biomechanical injury analysis to enhance accident research

Industry by Amit Panday Jun 10, 2018

A brief report on IRCOBI, the three-day conference organised by JP Research in Lonavala, that handles various aspects of road safety and the latest technologies...


Horus Intellisys develops affordable ADAS solution for India

Industry by Mayank Dhingra Jun 10, 2018

Horus Intellisys is a new venture, eyeing the area of driver assistance systems for application in the automotive space, both at the OE level as well as the...


Artem Energy to build 'world’s safest e-scooter'

Two-Wheelers by Amit Panday Jun 02, 2018

Mumbai-based Artem Energy Future has announced plans to develop what it claims will be the world’s safest electric scooter. It has a roadmap for three...

Commercial Vehicles

Ashok Leyland trains a million drivers and counting…

Commercial Vehicles by Kiran Bajad Jun 02, 2018

Ashok Leyland recently trained over a million drivers through its training programme ever since it began in 1995.


PV airbags and 2W ABS as a big business opportunity in India

Industry by Amit Panday Jun 02, 2018

Economies of scale will lead to airbags and anti-lock braking systems becoming cheaper and their use widespread.