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Evolving the digital cockpit on the path to autonomous driving

by Sachin Lawande, president & CEO, Visteon Corporation Jan 20, 2018

The new battleground for competition among automakers has shifted to the cockpit. Sachin Lawande, president and CEO of Visteon Corporation, reveals the advancements in cockpit...




The most totally-random stuff also made by car companies

International by Ronan Glon, Autocar UK Jan 20, 2018

Join us as we look at some of the random and unlikely sectors car companies have ventured into.

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Will luxury carmakers have a smoother ride in 2018?

Passenger Vehicles by Nishant Parekh & Shubham Parashar Jan 03, 2018

After experiencing a roller-coaster ride for the past two years, luxury carmakers in India are cautiously optimistic about future sales even as they seek...


New Year RPM: Saving Planet Earth

Industry by Autocar Pro News Desk Dec 31, 2017

It's more resolutions per minute as the new year kicks in. Here are Top 10 tips to do your bit for Planet Earth by s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g every litre of costly fuel...


Online car configurators: the firm that lets you build your own Bentley

International by Autocar UK Dec 26, 2017

Bentley reckons its customers typically spend eight minutes configuring their new car. Given that there are up to seven billion possible permutations of options,...

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Christmas Special: The cars of James Bond

Passenger Vehicles by Andrew Frankel, Autocar UK Dec 24, 2017

It's Christmas – time to take a look at the cars of the world's least secret secret agent.