'In anything we do, we will consider the mega trends of shared mobility, electrification,...

Industry by Sumantra Barooah Sep 08, 2017

The UNO Minda Group's Amit Jain on the areas of focus, home-grown technologies, shared mobility and impact of electrification on all of the multi-product Tier 1...

Auto Components

‘Electric mobility is for real and there are no maybes to it.’

Auto Components by Mayank Dhingra Sep 08, 2017

Sandhar Technologies’ co-founder and MD reveals the company’s growth plan which bets big on auto electronics, e-mobility, autonomous tech and on expansion t...


'Applying electric drivetrain to our legacy products is not too much of a challenge any more.'

Industry by Hormazd Sorabjee Sep 07, 2017

Güenter Butschek, CEO and MD of Tata Motors, on the company's EV strategy, the renewed focus on turning around the domestic business, capability of the AMP...


‘It appears the diesel car industry is reluctant to fix the emissions problem once and for...

Industry by Amit Panday Sep 07, 2017

Anup Bandivadekar, Passenger Vehicle Program Director, ICCT, on the findings of the ICCT-ICAT study 'Development Test Report on Laboratory and On-Road Emissions...


'Going forward, we will have 90 percent of our India portfolio imported as CKD units while...

Two-Wheelers by Amit Panday Sep 03, 2017

The cruiser segment is the oldest segment (among premium motorcycles) that existed in India. What has happened is that few manufacturers stepped into India and...


'Our approach for the Guru was frugal but we also wanted to provide best-in- class,...

Industry by Kiran Bajad Sep 02, 2017

This segment demands a basic vehicle with laden weight and priced competitively because most truck buyers drive the vehicle themselves.