Hemant Luthra, President, Mahindra Systech

Dec 03, 2007

The president of Mahindra Systech, the auto component arm of the Mahindra Group, tells Darius Lam how Europe is contributing significantly to overall growth.


Garel Rhys, Professor, Cardiff University Business School

Oct 03, 2007

Darius Lam speaks to Professor Garel Rhys of Cardiff University Business School and one of Europe’s recognised thought leaders on the automotive industry on his...


Joseph A Liemandt, Chief Executive Officer, Trilogy

Aug 09, 2007

Trilogy’s chief executive officer tells T Murrali what went into the making of his company’s new business model which is working like a charm today, while...


Rahul Kejriwal, Vice President (Marketing), Remsons Industries

Jul 27, 2007

Remsons Industries' vice-president (marketing), Rahul Kejriwal talks to Ammar Master on the challenges and opportunities for his company.


Scott McCormack, Vice President, Ford India

Jul 06, 2007

Ford India has brought out the new Endeavour and priced it aggressively as well. Ammar Master caught up with vice president (marketing, sales and service), Scott...