'The government should consider a gradual adoption of EVs, thereby promoting electrification...

Industry by Vinnie Mehta, Director General, ACMA Jan 16, 2018

It would be logical to take one step at a time — we should encourage hybrid technologies also to coexist with pure-electric as it allows for the conventional...


‘E-mobility is the greatest opportunity for Indian industry to emerge amongst the top in the...

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The automotive industry works on long-term planning, investments and it is not possible to change processes or supply chains overnight. So it would help if the...


Why Volkswagen and Hyundai are teaming up with a self-driving start-up firm

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A new company set up by the former head of the Google car project has become a key player in autonomous technology.

Passenger Vehicles

The benefits of running a telematics 'black box' in your car

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This week, we discuss how a black box can save you money - and teeth.


Why do people think autonomous cars are scary?

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For self-driving cars to be accepted, they'll have to overcome human ego.