Manufacturing was not always economical in some cases

Three-Wheelers Sep 04, 2007

Let me go back to how the automotive industry started in this country. It happened at a meeting in Delhi in 1947 with the then defence minister. A few of us were...

Fantastic opportunity to broadbase growth

Jul 27, 2007

Maharashtra is indeed fortunate in having greater transparency in its dealings. It is also blessed in the sense that the educational level of the population here...

Our focus is to look at strong points of people

May 15, 2007

One of the key challenges that the automotive industry faces today is shortage of people. This reality has to be addressed to sustain the growth seen in the last...


Counterfeiting is a cancerous menace

Three-Wheelers Feb 28, 2007

The Indian bearing industry has several important aspects and some of these are: Maturing of the industry: Customers are increasingly getting more demanding for...


Skilled manpower is the need of the hour

Three-Wheelers Feb 28, 2007

I would like to focus on bigger issues that impact the bearing industry and these include the Chinese threat, special economic zones (SEZs), free trade agreements...