BP Ventures invests Rs 13 crore in online energy monitoring device from Voltaware

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 12 Jul 2018

The device allows business and residential users to track and optimise their energy consumption.

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Used and new batteries from electric car help power the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam; it’s the biggest system of its kind in Europe.

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The ad campaign won three Lion trophies at the recent Cannes Lions International Festival of creativity in France.

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Exide enters into a joint venture with Swiss-based energy solution company Leclanche to access its technical knowhow and intellectual property.

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The new method allows different surfaces to be painted in different colours- all in a single process.

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According to an independent market research report from IDTechEx, fiber lasers are apt for lightweighting, battery manufacturing and LiDAR.

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Chargemaster runs Polar, one of the largest public charging networks in the UK. It also designs, builds, sells and maintains EV charging units. Will b...

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Its electric axle actuator will go into volume production this year and its latest parking lot actuator weighs around 450 grams only.

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Along with Wartsila, Hyundai looks to commercialise its advanced energy storage products and platforms across 177 countries.

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Audi is looking to accelerate time to market for its autonomous vehicles through Cognata’s end-to-end autonomous vehicle simulation platform.

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Utilising its multi-frequency patented ‘bbs-tek’ technology, Brigade's QVS creates a highly directional and instantly locatable warning sound at low s...

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NI claims that it can quickly integrate analog sensors, digital pulse frequencies, CAN signals and calculated channels, thus , addressing the challeng...

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The long-term target of the joint venture is to establish a production line of the batteries by 2025.

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With this venture, Dana is said to become the only supplier with full e-Drive design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities for electrified vehic...

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The new AVE 130 electric portal axle and CeTrax electric central drive have been developed.

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By 2025, autonomous vehicles will upload over 1 TB (terabyte) of vehicle and sensor data per month to the cloud, compared to the 30 GB (gigabytes) fro...

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Quanergy claims that it is the only LiDAR manufacturer to commercially produce an integrated hardware and software platform solution.

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Joint innovation called Acorus flexible wheel incorporates two flexible rubber flanges mounted on a special wheel body to create a flexible wheel tha...

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Based on Volvo’s commercially produced electric city bus, Volvo looks to contribute to safer and more comfortable travel by operating this autonomous ...

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The new 16nm microprocessor can manage the systems of the car autonomously or under the direct control of the driver.

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Baidu’s ‘Internet of Vehicles’ looks to promote BMW Connected that enables customers to access vehicle information through voice control and operate r...

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