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BlackBerry launches ‘Jarvis’ cybersecurity solution aimed at automakers

by Autocar Pro News Desk Jan 16, 2018

Jarvis and can scan any number of binary files at every stage of software development. This includes the capability to evaluate new software under consideration as well as the...




Samsung showcases range of battery products for EVs

by Autocar Pro News Desk Jan 16, 2018

Samsung SDI showcases new battery cells with energy densities high enough to propel EVs as far as 600km with just a 20-minute charge.


Bangalore-based AI firm forays into automotive

by Nilesh Wadhwa Jan 16, 2018

Intuition Systems will develop and test urban commuter automobiles under the brand name Kat Motors, with the first vehicle to be introduced by 2020.


Magna claims new radar tech continuously scans four dimensions in range of 300 metres

by Autocar Pro News Desk Jan 16, 2018

Magna says the new Icon Radar will help close the gap between level 3 and level 5 autonomous-tech and help achieve full reliable autonomous driving.


Continental’s new standby tech to further safeguard autonomous driving

by Autocar Pro News Desk Jan 11, 2018

The Safety Domain Control Unit (SDCU) acts as a fallback path in automated driving.


Bosch’s voice assistant to be co-passenger in the car

by Autocar Pro News Desk Jan 11, 2018

Bosch's voice assistant for vehicle of the future understands and speaks 30 different languages with a total of 44 female and 9 male voices, and works without any...