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New thermal traffic sensor to help make roads safer

by Autocar Pro News Desk Mar 22, 2018

The FLIR ThermiCam V2X mounts on existing traffic signals and detects vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists at intersections using thermal imaging data.




'Diesel-saving' technology could make it to market in two years

by Steve Cropley, Editor-in-chief, Autocar UK Mar 22, 2018

NOx emissions from diesel engines could be all but eliminated, thanks to tech developed at Loughborough University.


Siemens bets big on 3D printing, to introduce customer-customisable car

by Autocar Pro News Desk Mar 22, 2018

Siemens in the past seven days has invested in expanding its 3D-printing facility in UK. Additionally, it has revealed that the company is working on introducing...


American NPO calls for prohibition on robot car testing

by Autocar Pro News Desk Mar 20, 2018

The consumer protection body has stated that Arizona has become the wild west of robot car testing without any regulations in place. It has further called for a...


Sena starts shipping Momentum-series full-face Bluetooth helmets

by Autocar Pro News Desk Mar 20, 2018

The Sena Momentum series helmet incorporate its true series technology that enables Bluetooth communication between the user and other riders, FM radio, making...


Pop.Up Next: The next evolution in urban mobility is here

by Autocar Pro News Desk Mar 19, 2018

The new face of urban mobility does not involve roads, according to Italdesign and Airbus.